Super Seven bracelet from Jing Wen Crystal

Super Seven Benefits: The Sacred Stone Unveiled


  1. Spiritual Awakening: Encourages spiritual senses, intuition, and clairvoyant abilities.
  2. Energy Balancing: Balances and stabilizes negative energy for overall well-being.
  3. Focus and Alertness: Enhances focus, alertness, and environmental awareness.
  4. Business Success: Supports success in business endeavors and financial stability.
  5. Protective and Healing: Provides protective and healing energies.
  6. Amplifies Skills: Amplifies and strengthens skills, particularly in listening.
  7. Energy Flow: Ensures continuity in the flow of energy.
  8. Joy and Optimism: Infuses joy and optimism, fostering love and spiritual growth.
  9. Relationship Stability: Promotes stability in love and relationships.
  10. Mental Balance: Brings mental balance for sound thoughts and emotional grounding.
  11. Task Concentration: Aids in task concentration and focus.
  12. Balance of Energies: Facilitates the balance between negative and positive energies.
  13. Intellectual Enhancement: Boosts intellectual abilities.
  14. Sound Thoughts: Promotes sound thoughts and emotional grounding.
  15. Positive Life Perspective: Enhances understanding of positive aspects of life.
  16. Openness to Spirituality: Increases openness to spiritual pursuits.
  17. Negativity Dispeller: Empowers the individual to dispel negativity.

Unveil the holistic benefits of Super Seven, the sacred stone that nurtures spiritual growth, balances energies, and fosters positivity in all aspects of life.Super Seven bracelet from Jing Wen CrystalSuper Seven bracelet from Jing Wen CrystalSuper Seven bracelet from Jing Wen Crystal

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