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Peru Apatite Bracelet 8-9mm A Grade 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone

Peru Apatite Bracelet 8-9mm A Grade 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone

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1. It will aid the development of psychic powers, and also help you become more attuned with the spiritual world.
2. Apatite is great for developing self-confidence and accepting yourself, with all your quirks and flaws.
3. If you want to get started on this in a safer way, placing apatite stone under the pillow is said to promote prophetic dreams.
4. The vibrations of apatite stones have a positive effect on the spiritual and mental body and the aura, helping you to identify and then deal with weaknesses or “cracks” in your spiritual body.
5. When using apatite, you may become highly conscious of your own behavior, especially behavior that runs counter to your stated goals.
6. This may be uncomfortable at first, but it is actually a highly critical step towards changing yourself in a positive way.
7. Apatite is one of the world’s best stones for enhancing and promoting creativity.
8. Apatite can help you let go of those past mistakes that you’re carrying around with you, just waiting to drop in and disrupt your life.
9. Since one of the most popular properties of apatite is its ability to aid in divination and psychic purposes, use it as a focal point for meditation or prayer.
10. If you are interested in using it to develop your psychic powers, you may want to pair it with Herkimer
11. Apatite is a motivational stone, promoting independence and ambitiousness.
12. To help with public speaking and enhances group communication.
13. To improve concentration and memory skills, and is a good crystal for study purposes.
14. To in time management when working on projects.
15. Very supportive for business consultants, and account or investment managers.
16. Very helpful in times of unemployment or a reduction in work hours to find alternative employment, and may be supportive of those forced into early retirement.
17. Apatite can be used as a dream stone to access the subconscious for creative problem solving, as well as for exploring other lives and karmic patterns.
18. To enhance creativity and awakens the finer, inner self.
19. Known as a stone of the future and brings knowledge to those attuned to it.
Standard Bracelet Length:
8mm |±18cm
10mm | ±18cm
12mm | ±19cm

Suitable for gift to your crush / sweet heart / girlfriend / wife / parents / elderly, basically it's suitable for everyone, anyone. Trendy and affordable.
⚠️ Please Read "IMPORTANT MUST KNOW BEFORE PURCHASE!!" at our Homepage.
⚠️ Make sure you understand and accept the natural state of gemstone / crystal before placing the order.


1. Natural crystal and gemstone have plus minus size. Ie: 8mm bracelet can range between 7.8-8.9mm

2. Natural crystal and gemstone have natural surface crack lines, holes, inclusions and other possible imperfections due to manual work during polishing of the natural stones.

Shipping & Returns

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For Standard Bracelet Length:

8mm |±18cm

10mm | ±18cm

12mm | ±19cm

For others, kindly refer to the stated size in the product description or option given.

Care Instructions

For bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings and other jewelry forms, it is advised to remove from wearing during shower and extreme sports. Wipe gently when necessary.

For other natural crystals and gemstones in other forms, wipe gently, pat dry the stone.

Regular charging using our highly recommended cleansing and purifying collection will enhance and strengthen the energies of the stones.

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