Collection: high energy natural crystal gemstone cleansing and purifying

Cleansing and purifying crystals with natural stones and Palo Santo is a powerful method that combines the energy of both elements for optimal crystal purification. Here's a detailed guide:

  1. Natural Clusters: Place your crystals on natural clusters. Natural crystal cluster is a self-cleansing crystal that purifies and charges other stones.

  2. Palo Santo Ignition: Light the Palo Santo stick/incense. Allow it to burn for a moment, producing fragrant smoke.

  3. Intent Setting: Hold the crystals in your hands and set a clear intention for cleansing. Focus on releasing any negative energies.

  4. Palo Santo Smudging: Wave the burning Palo Santo stick/incense around the crystals, ensuring the smoke surrounds each crystal. Visualize the smoke absorbing and dispelling impurities.

  5. Passing through Natural Stones: Gently pass each crystal through the smoke while moving them over natural stones like Herkimer and tektites. These stones enhance the cleansing properties.

  6. Gridding with towers and points: Create a grid using crystal towers and points around the crystals. Towers and double terminated points amplify the cleansing energy and promotes clarity.

  7. Settling Period: Allow the crystals to rest on the Crystal plate/bowl/tower/sphere/points for a few hours or overnight, letting them absorb positive energies.

This holistic approach combines the purifying properties of Palo Santo's smoke, the cleansing energy of natural stones, and the charging abilities of Natural Crystals to maximize the benefits of crystal cleansing and purification. Regular practice will keep your crystals energetically vibrant and ready for use in various applications.

Cleansing with Jing Wen Crystal Kuala Lumpur