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Russia Amber Butterfly Pendant Necklace in Rose Gold Silver 925 Chain A Grade 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone

Russia Amber Butterfly Pendant Necklace in Rose Gold Silver 925 Chain A Grade 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone

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Size: 2-3cm


Species: (Hydrocarbon Amorphous), 

MOH: 2.5


1. Amber is a fossilized resin from ancient evergreen trees.

2. The oldest piece of Amber was discovered approximately 320 million years ago, hence the powerful energies that this stone holds
3. most attractive quality of Amber is that it possesses ancient energy, ancient wisdom
4. warm, cheerful, wise, protective, and healing stone
5. to discharge all negative moods, and it will deflect negative energies that other people may direct at you
6. to relieve stress and anxiety. It will dissolve all traces of physical and mental exhaustion, and it will help you eliminate your fears and worries
7. to stabilize your emotions and help focus on more the good things that happened
8. to enhance creativity and find inspiration
9. to ease the symptoms of stress, but also because it reduces physical byproducts of that stress before they can manifest as illness and disease
10. to stimulate your intellect and enhance your understanding of a lot of things
11. to bring relief from many physical pains and afflictions, and it will speed recovery period when you fall sick or suffer an injury
12. besides having remarkable spiritual, emotional, and psychological healing benefits, the, re are also physical symptoms and ailments that Amber can help to remedy, prevent, and soothe
13. Amber nourishes life because it is made up of the very essence of life , as it's formed of tree sap and resin, ancient lifeblood of ancient trees
14. to comfort and remedy headaches, common colds, flu symptoms, and other uneasy illnesses that can otherwise really slow someone down
15. an effective treatment for allergies, especially those which affect the respiratory system
16. to heal the glandular system and help with DNA-related problems. It’s known to cleanse the blood and help move energies in the body
17. a stone of manifestation. It’s a powerful stone that can manifest an increase in your income flow or other forms of wealth
18. a remarkable natural gift that brings physical and metaphysical health, emotional harmony, relationship bliss
19. to promote good luck and success, remove the obstacles and make sure everything goes as planned
20. a very powerful and beneficial helper in love. It will help you develop more patience and understanding of the person you love
21. bring stability to your relationship, promote flexibility and patience, and it will bring more trust and happiness.
Suitable for gift to your crush / sweet heart / girlfriend / wife / parents / elderly, basically it's suitable for everyone, anyone. Trendy and affordable.


⚠️ Please Read "IMPORTANT MUST KNOW BEFORE PURCHASE!!" at our Homepage.
⚠️ Make sure you understand and accept the natural state of gemstone / crystal before placing the order.


1. Natural crystal and gemstone have plus minus size. Ie: 8mm bracelet can range between 7.8-8.9mm

2. Natural crystal and gemstone have natural surface crack lines, holes, inclusions and other possible imperfections due to manual work during polishing of the natural stones.

Shipping & Returns

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For Standard Bracelet Length:

8mm |±18cm

10mm | ±18cm

12mm | ±19cm

For others, kindly refer to the stated size in the product description or option given.

Care Instructions

For bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings and other jewelry forms, it is advised to remove from wearing during shower and extreme sports. Wipe gently when necessary.

For other natural crystals and gemstones in other forms, wipe gently, pat dry the stone.

Regular charging using our highly recommended cleansing and purifying collection will enhance and strengthen the energies of the stones.

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