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Introduction of Jing Wen (Founder) 

A Journey of Passion and Expertise

In the realm of natural crystals and gemstones, one name stands out as a beacon of knowledge and intuition - Jing Wen. As the founder of Jing Wen Crystal, she has not only led her team to success in traditional supply to crystal healers and therapists but has also ventured into the online marketplace, making the beauty and benefits of crystals accessible to a wider audience.

Jing Wen's journey is marked by a profound understanding of crystals, a passion for lifelong learning, and an unwavering commitment to helping others. Her expertise goes beyond the ordinary - she possesses an innate intuition that consistently surprises customers by recommending the perfect stones for their unique needs and aspirations.

A lifelong learner at heart, Jing Wen is a familiar face at international conferences, meetings with suppliers worldwide, and various workshops and trainings. Her dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry is evident in her pursuit of knowledge from reputable institutions such as the Gemology Institute of America Inc. Established in 1931, it is the world's foremost institute for the research and teaching of gemstones and their classification.

Jing Wen's qualifications extend beyond the realms of gemology. Despite her background in the construction industry, she is currently pursuing further education in Psychology, a testament to her commitment to holistic well-being. In October 2022, she earned the Autism Certificate (AC) accreditation from the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), showcasing her dedication to understanding and assisting individuals with unique needs.

As an alumna of the Gemological Institute of America Inc., Jing Wen not only brings a wealth of knowledge to her consultations but also strives to uplift her community by sharing her insights. Her continuous attendance at seminars and conferences underscores her commitment to staying abreast of the latest developments in gemology, ensuring that her clients receive the most informed and relevant guidance.

In essence, Jing Wen is not merely a businesswoman; she is a compassionate soul dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those she encounters. Through Jing Wen Crystal, she brings together a rich blend of expertise, intuition, and a genuine desire to assist others on their journey towards personal and spiritual growth.





Jing Wen Crystal: Your Trusted Source for Genuine Healing Gemstones

At Jing Wen Crystal, we pride ourselves as your preferred top-ranking supplier, dedicated to providing only the finest, genuine high-quality natural gemstones, birthstones, crystal bracelets, and accessories. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the products we offer; it extends to the relationships we cultivate and the quality of service we provide.

Cultivating Healing Relationships

When you choose Jing Wen Crystal, you're not just making a purchase – you're becoming part of our extended family. Whether it's your first time exploring the world of healing crystals or you're a seasoned enthusiast, we guide you through the process. Our mission is to make your journey in discovering and acquiring the perfect healing crystals, birthstones, and gemstone bracelets a seamless and meaningful experience.

Commitment to Helping You Heal

Our dedication to continuous improvement aligns with our goal of reaching and assisting more people in need. Through personalized advice and consultations, we prioritize understanding our customers' intentions. By placing ourselves in their shoes, we gain profound insights into their unique situations, enabling us to recommend the most fitting crystals and natural stones for their specific needs.

Above and Beyond Quality

Every gemstone, birthstone, crystal bracelet, and accessory in our store undergoes a meticulous selection process and is crafted with passion. Unlike imitations or man-made alternatives like plastics or glass, our products showcase the natural traits and energies of authentic stones. Embracing the uniqueness of each natural stone, including its natural surface, sets our offerings apart and ensures a genuine connection with the energies they embody.

Our Promise to You

Integrity and respect are at the core of our values. We treat our customers with the honesty and consideration they deserve. When you wear a crystal, birthstone, or gemstone bracelet from Jing Wen Crystal, we want you to feel a sense of pride, knowing that you are adorned with a piece of nature's beauty that has been carefully selected and crafted for its authenticity and unique qualities.

Secure Payment Processing

Your peace of mind is paramount to us. Our website and payment process are secured, ensuring that your personal information is protected. Feel confident in your transactions, knowing that your privacy and security are our top priorities.

Jing Wen Crystal is not just a supplier; we are your ally in the pursuit of genuine, high-quality healing gemstones. Join our family, and let the transformative power of authentic crystals enhance your well-being.



Crystal Healing: A Journey Through Time and Cultures

Unlocking the Power of Crystals

Crystal healing, a practice that spans the annals of time, has been embraced by cultures worldwide to enhance energy levels, ward off negativity, release blocked energies, and transform a person's aura. With its roots stretching back to ancient civilizations, crystal healing was notably prevalent in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and India.

Ancient Wisdom and Crystal Practices

In Ancient Greece, the renowned philosopher Plato, who founded the first institution of higher learning in the Western world, spoke of the Atlanteans using crystals to read minds and transmit thoughts. Similarly, the Sumerians incorporated crystals into their magical formulas, according to historical documentation.

As far back as 400 BC, specific stones were employed to counteract negative situations or incidents. Amulets or talismans made from these stones were worn for protection and well-being. In ancient times, crystals and gemstones adorned the living as jewelry and protected the deceased by being placed on mummies.

Cultural Diversity in Crystal Healing

The Hopi Native Americans in Arizona utilized natural crystals and gemstones for diagnosing illnesses, showcasing the diverse cultural applications of crystal healing. British culture influenced modern-day witchcraft practices, while Indian culture embraced crystal healing as a form of holistic well-being.

Tibetan refugees, practicing Buddhism, incorporated crystals into meditation, and in India, crystal healing persisted as an alternative when modern medicine proved ineffective or inaccessible. Unfortunately, numerous traditions and secrets surrounding crystal use were lost due to the extinction of indigenous languages.

Modern Fusion: Crystal Healing in the Contemporary World

In today's fast-paced world, crystal healing intertwines with practices like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Many individuals turn to crystal healing when dissatisfied with conventional medication or their current state of well-being. The practice is particularly embraced by the middle and upper classes, who have the time and resources to explore alternative therapies.

Affluent individuals, drawn to the potential benefits of crystal healing, can afford higher-quality crystals. Meditation and respect remain two fundamental principles guiding crystal healing practices in the modern age, promoting a positive mindset and a harmonious relationship with these precious gems.

Crystal Healing Today and Tomorrow

As crystal healing gains momentum globally, its integration with yoga, meditation, and mindfulness suggests a promising future. In a world where holistic well-being is increasingly prioritized, the timeless allure of crystals continues to captivate hearts and minds, offering a unique pathway to balance, harmony, and spiritual growth.

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