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USA Green Phantom Quartz Bracelet A Grade 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone

USA Green Phantom Quartz Bracelet A Grade 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone

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  1. New Beginnings: Phantom-Crystal is believed to symbolize new beginnings, making it an ideal stone for those undergoing significant life changes or transitions. Its energy is said to support individuals in releasing past experiences and embracing fresh starts with optimism and courage.

  2. Transformation: The distinctive phantom formations within the crystal are thought to represent transformation and growth. Working with Green Phantom-Crystal is said to facilitate personal evolution by assisting individuals in letting go of outdated beliefs, habits, and behaviors that no longer serve their highest good.

  3. Purification: Known as a stone of purification, Green Phantom-Crystal is believed to cleanse and clear the aura, removing stagnant or negative energies that may be blocking one's spiritual or emotional progress. It is often used in energy healing practices to promote balance and harmony within the energetic body.

  4. Cleansing the Aura: By purifying the aura, Green Phantom-Crystal is said to create a protective barrier against negative influences and psychic attacks. It promotes a sense of energetic well-being and shields the individual from absorbing detrimental energies from their environment or interactions with others.

  5. Dispelling Negative Energies: Green Phantom-Crystal is thought to have the ability to dispel negative thoughts, emotions, and vibrations that may be hindering personal growth or attracting undesirable circumstances. Its purifying energy encourages a shift towards more positive perspectives and experiences.

  6. Healing Energies: The healing energies of Green Phantom-Crystal are said to provide inspiration, clarity, and strength during times of emotional turmoil or physical illness. Its soothing vibrations promote inner peace, resilience, and a greater sense of well-being.

  7. Support and Insight: When faced with challenges or difficult decisions, Green Phantom-Crystal is believed to offer support and insight. It encourages individuals to trust their intuition and make choices aligned with their highest good, leading to greater clarity and self-awareness.

  8. Overcoming Stagnation: Green Phantom-Crystal is associated with overcoming stagnation and inertia in various areas of life, including personal growth, relationships, and career. Its dynamic energy encourages forward movement and empowers individuals to break free from limiting patterns or situations.

  9. Energy Amplification: As a powerful amplifier of energy, Green Phantom-Crystal magnifies the intentions and energies of the individual working with it. It enhances the effectiveness of spiritual practices, manifestation techniques, and energy healing modalities, allowing for deeper insights and transformative experiences.

  10. Stimulating Concentration: Green Phantom-Crystal is believed to stimulate concentration, memory, and the thinking process, making it a valuable tool for students, writers, and anyone seeking to enhance cognitive abilities. Its clear, focused energy promotes mental clarity and alertness.

  11. Speeding up Recovery: In times of illness or injury, the healing energies of Green Phantom-Crystal are said to accelerate the body's natural healing process. By promoting energetic balance and vitality, it supports physical well-being and speeds up recovery time.

  12. Successful Completion of Projects: Green Phantom-Crystal is thought to assist individuals in successfully completing complex or long-term projects by enhancing focus, motivation, and productivity. Its supportive energy fosters perseverance and determination, ensuring that goals are achieved with efficiency and precision.

  13. Wise Decision-Making: When faced with important decisions or choices, Green Phantom-Crystal is believed to help individuals make wise and well-thought-out plans. Its grounding energy encourages rational thinking, discernment, and a balanced approach to problem-solving.

  14. Manifestation of Wealth and Abundance: Green Phantom-Crystal is associated with attracting wealth, abundance, and prosperity into one's life. Its high vibrational energy aligns with the frequency of abundance, making it a powerful tool for manifestation and financial success.

  15. Continuous Attraction of Good Luck: By working with Green Phantom-Crystal, individuals are said to continuously attract good luck and positive opportunities into their lives. Its uplifting energy creates a magnetic field of positivity, drawing favorable circumstances and synchronicities.

  16. Transformation of Negative Thoughts: Green Phantom-Crystal has the ability to transform negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones. By promoting self-awareness and emotional healing, it helps individuals release past traumas and embrace a more optimistic outlook on life.

  17. Healing from Emotional Pain: Green Phantom-Crystal is believed to facilitate the healing of emotional pain, including anger, resentment, fear, and confusion. Its gentle yet powerful energy encourages individuals to acknowledge and process their emotions in a healthy and constructive manner.

  18. Acknowledgment of Survived Challenges: Working with Green Phantom-Crystal can awaken individuals to acknowledge and honor the challenges they have overcome in life. Its supportive energy fosters self-compassion, resilience, and a sense of empowerment in the face of adversity.

  19. Physical Proximity for Maximum Benefit: Green Phantom-Crystal is said to work best when kept close to the body, such as carrying it in a pocket or placing it inside a purse. This allows for a continuous flow of its healing and protective energies throughout the day.

  20. Open-Mindedness and Higher Wisdom: By keeping Green Phantom-Crystal close, individuals are encouraged to maintain an open mind and connect to higher wisdom. Its serene energy facilitates meditation, introspection, and the exploration of new opportunities with love and courage.

  21. Enhancing Meditation: Green Phantom-Crystal serves as an excellent meditation aid, helping individuals deepen their practice and access higher states of consciousness. Its calming energy promotes inner peace, spiritual awareness, and a profound sense of connection to the universe.

  22. Embracing New Opportunities: Through its transformative energy, Green Phantom-Crystal supports individuals in embracing new opportunities with enthusiasm and confidence. It fosters a mindset of abundance, courage, and receptivity to positive change.

  23. Feng Shui Placement in the Center of the Home: Placing Green Phantom-Crystal in the center of the home is believed to bring balance and harmony to all aspects of life. This central placement aligns with the core energy of the household, promoting a sense of stability and equilibrium.

  24. Feng Shui Placement in the Wealth Corner: In Feng Shui philosophy, the wealth corner represents prosperity and abundance. By placing Green Phantom-Crystal in this area, individuals are said to attract financial success and opportunities for wealth accumulation.

  25. Feng Shui Placement in the Love Corner: The love corner of the home symbolizes relationships and love. Placing Green Phantom-Crystal in this area is believed to enhance romantic connections, foster harmonious relationships, and attract love into one's life.

  26. Programming for Intention Setting: Programming Green Phantom-Crystal involves setting specific intentions for its use through meditation or written affirmations. By focusing on a desired outcome or goal, individuals can align the crystal's energy with their intentions for manifestation and personal growth.

  27. Historical Use in Jewelry and Amulets: Throughout history, Green Phantom-Crystal has been used in jewelry and amulets for its protective properties. It was believed to ward off evil spirits and negative energies, serving as a talisman of spiritual protection and empowerment.

  28. Symbolism of Phantom Formations: The distinctive phantom formations within Green Phantom-Crystal are often interpreted as symbolic of past lives, experiences, or lessons that individuals carry with them on their spiritual journey. Working with these formations can facilitate healing and integration of past traumas or karmic patterns.

  29. Chakra Alignment and Balancing: Green Phantom-Crystal is associated with various chakras depending on its color and composition. By placing it on specific chakras during meditation or energy healing sessions, individuals can align and balance their energetic centers for optimal well-being.

  30. Personal Connection and Intuition: Ultimately, the effectiveness of Green Phantom-Crystal and its benefits depend on the individual's personal connection and intuitive resonance with the stone. By tuning into its energy and listening to one's inner guidance, individuals can unlock its full potential for healing, transformation, and spiritual growth.

Standard Bracelet Length:
8mm |±18cm
10mm | ±18cm
12mm | ±19cm
Suitable for gift to your crush / sweet heart / girlfriend / wife / parents / elderly, basically it's suitable for everyone, anyone. Trendy and affordable.
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⚠️ Make sure you understand and accept the natural state of gemstone / crystal before placing the order.


1. Natural crystal and gemstone have plus minus size. Ie: 8mm bracelet can range between 7.8-8.9mm

2. Natural crystal and gemstone have natural surface crack lines, holes, inclusions and other possible imperfections due to manual work during polishing of the natural stones.

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For Standard Bracelet Length:

8mm |±18cm

10mm | ±18cm

12mm | ±19cm

For others, kindly refer to the stated size in the product description or option given.

Care Instructions

For bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings and other jewelry forms, it is advised to remove from wearing during shower and extreme sports. Wipe gently when necessary.

For other natural crystals and gemstones in other forms, wipe gently, pat dry the stone.

Regular charging using our highly recommended cleansing and purifying collection will enhance and strengthen the energies of the stones.

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