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Mexico Crazy Lace Agate Tortoise 6-7cm 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone

Mexico Crazy Lace Agate Tortoise 6-7cm 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone

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1. believed to have been created some 65 to 90 million years ago.
2. also called Happy Lace, or the Laughter Stone
3. Its energies are strong, yet soothing and energizing
4. to give you feelings of security and inner stability
5. promote self-confidence and self-acceptance
6. a wonderful meditation tool that will help you achieve emotional harmony
7. clear energy blockages and bring hidden knowledge or information to light
8. help you eliminate negative energies and transform them to powerful and uplifting ones
9. strengthen your body and mind by bringing you peace and calmness
10. to stabilize your aura and filter the energies that try to permeate
11. boost your concentration and keep you focused on the tasks that you are working on
12. has a cleansing effect on a physical level, specifically on the pancreas and lymphatic system
13. bring vitality to your major organs and help strengthen the blood vessel
14. offer protection and guard you against bad things that can affect your wealth and finances
15. to bring strength and success in your financial endeavors
16. relieve emotional pain and release any kind of emotional baggage
17. soften the blow and soothe the pain of your emotional trauma
Suitable for gift to your crush / sweet heart / girlfriend / wife / parents / elderly, basically it's suitable for everyone, anyone. Trendy and affordable.
⚠️ Please Read "IMPORTANT MUST KNOW BEFORE PURCHASE!!" at our Homepage.
⚠️ Make sure you understand and accept the natural state of gemstone / crystal before placing the order.


1. Natural crystal and gemstone have plus minus size. Ie: 8mm bracelet can range between 7.8-8.9mm

2. Natural crystal and gemstone have natural surface crack lines, holes, inclusions and other possible imperfections due to manual work during polishing of the natural stones.

Shipping & Returns

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For Standard Bracelet Length:

8mm |±18cm

10mm | ±18cm

12mm | ±19cm

For others, kindly refer to the stated size in the product description or option given.

Care Instructions

For bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings and other jewelry forms, it is advised to remove from wearing during shower and extreme sports. Wipe gently when necessary.

For other natural crystals and gemstones in other forms, wipe gently, pat dry the stone.

Regular charging using our highly recommended cleansing and purifying collection will enhance and strengthen the energies of the stones.

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