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Czech Republic Moldavite Pendant in Silver 925 Genuine A Grade 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone

Czech Republic Moldavite Pendant in Silver 925 Genuine A Grade 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone

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1. carries the energies of the extraterrestrial world
2. When combined with our planet’s vibrational energies, result in a powerful range of healing and spiritual frequencies, which can be felt as soon as you hold the stone in your hand
3. rare and found only along the banks of the River Moldau in Eastern Europe
4. Many people believe that it came to Earth in order to help the planet to transcend its current metaphysical state and ascend to a higher plane
5. an excellent stone to use if you wish to amplify the vibrations of other crystals
6. an incredibly useful stone for anyone who is engaged in past life regression or in exploring their own soul path in all directions of time
7. heightens our self-awareness and helps us to uncover those thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which may be keeping us stuck in an unhappy present, allowing us to move forward and to see the possible outcomes in our futures
8. to raise your consciousness and strengthen your spiritual connections, Moldavite can be used in meditation and placed on the Brow chakra or held in the hands during your meditative practice
9. to access the protective powers of this stone, you can wear it as jewelry for as long as you feel you need to
10. able to recode DNA, altering the structure and makeup of the cells of the body where there is discomfort or disease, freeing us of illnesses caused by emotional blockages or baggage, and allowing us to heal ourselves by letting go of unwanted and unhelpful behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and experiences
11. to open your heart to love, especially if your heart and emotions have shut down due to emotional trauma or sudden shock
12. a powerful crystal with far-reaching effects and achieves results quickly
13. treat almost any physical condition because of its ability to uncover the more profound, root causes of physical ailments
14. to increase fertility and rejuvenate tissues and cells, slowing down the aging process
15. useful as a memory-improving stone and is believed to have brain balancing qualities, helping the right and left hemispheres to function in harmony, particularly in individuals who are clearly dominant in one side or the other
16. a known talisman that brings good fortune and protection to its wearer
17. provide safety in travel, especially when you’re always on the road or up in the air
18. calm your worries and help resolve your problems with money
19. fill you with the energy of growth, expansion, and new beginnings
20. to bring you energies of vitality and abundance.
21. bring good feng shui
22. a stone of abundance in all things, including money, health, and happiness

Package: 1 P.C. pendant only (without chain/rope). You may purchase chain in our store.
Suitable for gift to your crush / sweet heart / girlfriend / wife / parents / elderly, basically it's suitable for everyone, anyone. Trendy and affordable.


1. Natural crystal and gemstone have plus minus size. Ie: 8mm bracelet can range between 7.8-8.9mm

2. Natural crystal and gemstone have natural surface crack lines, holes, inclusions and other possible imperfections due to manual work during polishing of the natural stones.

Shipping & Returns

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For Standard Bracelet Length:

8mm |±18cm

10mm | ±18cm

12mm | ±19cm

For others, kindly refer to the stated size in the product description or option given.

Care Instructions

For bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings and other jewelry forms, it is advised to remove from wearing during shower and extreme sports. Wipe gently when necessary.

For other natural crystals and gemstones in other forms, wipe gently, pat dry the stone.

Regular charging using our highly recommended cleansing and purifying collection will enhance and strengthen the energies of the stones.

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